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Vocal/Audio Mixing

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Brand: Kikyo Futaba

To covers, original music, voice acting demo reels, and podcasts, game audio, and more, Kikyo can make your voice sound crystal clear and professional.

Commission Samples

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Package A contains time & tuned vocals, EQ, SFX, mixing, & simple Mastering. If you record your own harmonies they are mixed for free!

Package B contains only tuning & timing of the vocals, No EQ, No SFX!

Package C applies if you composed an original song and need someone to bring all the pieces together! This Package contains time & tuned vocals, EQ, SFX, mixing, & simple Mastering. If you record your own harmonies they are mixed for free!

Additional Notes:

All audio recordings + instrumental should be in .wav format. (Mono preferred, 24bit, 48khz)
Do not chop up your recordings, export as one file. See reference below:


Name all files accordingly (mains, harms, adlibs). Separate your raw vocals from the instrumental when exporting. Tell me beforehand if the song is pitched.Feel free to record as many tracks as needed if some parts are overlapping.

Avoid clipping and peaking (loudness distortion) on the vocals and record on the same proximity from your mic throughout the whole song. DO NOT apply any effects on your raw takes.

Revisions are allowed. Hence, I am NOT responsible for dissatisfaction with the end product. I am willing to make any revisions however within reason (e.g. I cannot fix the quality of your raw recordings, I work better in certain genres of music etc). I want to provide all of my clients with the best service & thus, require much time with each commission.

I do not do refunds if I have received your commission form and vocal files. All prices are in USD.

Understand that the quality of my mix will be limited to the microphone, acoustics, environment sound pickup, etc, and the quality of your recordings. Whichever recordings you upload is what I will work with.

Redos are allowed as as long as it's not the entirety of the song. If it's a few parts that need to be rerecorded then that is okay! if it's more than a few snippets there will be an additional fee!


Q: What is Audio/Vocal Mixing? What programs do you use to mix?
A: Mixing vocals is one of the most important tasks in music production. From songwriting to mastering, every part of the process is important. This is a process that is tedious to make your vocals polished & takes a lot of careful attention. Vocal Production involves editing of the vocal, timing, tuning, SFX, mixing, and last but not least Mastering. This is the type of work I do! Don’t be afraid to ask more questions, I’m glad to help out any first-timers.
The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) I mainly use to mix is Pro Tools 2021.3.0; I also use Logic Pro X. Various plug-ins I have are Melodyne 5.0, Waves Audio, Ozone 9, IK Multimedia Plugins, TR5 Plugins, T-RackS CS, XLN Audio, etc.

Q: How can I credit you?
A: Please Credit me as Kikyo Futaba and link to my Twitter wherever you use the mix.
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